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Intuitive Massage

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Just what you need

You are unique and your massage should be too. Depending on what ails you, this massage is a mixture of modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, NMT, KAM, Thai, CTT, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, and Reiki. I will create a tailored massage experience that leaves you feeling divine!

$140 for 60min

$160 for 90 min

Deep Tissue/NMT/CTT

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Issues in the tissues

Melting away adhesion's around joints and in muscle bellies that are restricting movement and blocking healthy blood flow (Connective Tissue Therapy). This massage focuses on finding trigger points or "knots" and using static compression to relieve pain and constriction (Neuromuscular Therapy.)

$160 for 60 min

$180 for 90 min 

Prenatal Massage


TLC for mother-to-be

This is a sweet and nourishing treatment that carefully follows massage for the pregnant woman. Extra special care to ensure the expecting mother is comfortable. After the second trimester the client will be in side-lying position. Targeting the usual suspects- aching feet, tight upper and lower back, and sore hips! 

$140 for 60 min

$160 for 90 min



RE Balance

A gentle hands off/hands on modality that channels Life Force Energy to energize, release emotional blockages and infuse you with the highest form of love and healing.

$60 for 30 min

$111 for 60 min

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