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Break defeating patterns & create a more joyful life

My approach uses creativity to  combat the logical and life draining inner critic. 

Surface value symptoms such as cravings, wanting to escape, and feeling stuck are all rooted in the subtleties of our perception.


The words we use to describe our life are important and identifying limiting beliefs will feel like breaking the chains that bind you.

These sessions restore the bridge to self empowerment through accountability, curiosity and willingness to be vulnerable. 

Free yourself from confusion and bring forth trust in the next steps.  

Let's work!

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Integrative Coaching

Client Testimonial

"The biggest lesson I've learned through my time with Pheo is that at 41 years old I can now take ownership of my life. I'm coming to terms with and accepting who I am instead of constantly fighting against the current of "shortcomings" or "inadequacies". I now feel equipped to ride the wave while  enriching what I already bring to the table."

Katie A.

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