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Integrative Coaching

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"Let's create a more joyful life."


Photography by Adam DeVuyst

Photography by Adam DeVuyst

Break defeating patterns...

Lets talk!!!

My approach will bring up creativity to help combat the logical and life draining inner critic. 

Surface value symptoms such as cravings, wanting to escape, and feeling stuck are all rooted in the subtleties of our perception. The words we use to describe our life are important and identifying limiting beliefs will be like breaking the chains

that bind you.

These sessions are a bridge to feeling empowered through accountability and curiosity. 

Free yourself from confusion and bring forth trust in the next steps.  


Coaching sessions via zoom or in person


$80 for 45min

$140 for 90 min


2  45 min sessions for $150

2  90 min sessions for $260

(Use within 6 months, cannot be split between friends) 

Ignite and Clear 


1/2 coaching, 1/2 intuitive bodywork/energy clearing


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